Custom Readers   

What are Custom Readers?

HamPod CustomReaders have been specifically designed to work with several other pieces of equipmentt when requested by those that needed accessibility to a unique piece of gear that is capable of serial data exchange and control. . Currently, we have developed access for:

Heathkit ID-5001 weather station

IFR Systems Inc. 1200A Communications Service Monitor

Call or write if you have a specific need and we might be able to create a solution.

As standard with other HamPod Readers, this also is supplied with a 6 foot serial cable, 9 volt DC wall power supply and a null modem cable adapter to connect to a PC for flashing with new firmware updrades. We can also provide custom cables if required as is the case for the IFR Service Monitor.


HamPod Reader Hardware Description

The rear of the HamPod Reader has two male DB9 serial ports and a DC power jack. The firmware is upgradable in the field through one of these ports by connecting to a computer to flash the firmware in the HamPod when an upgrade is available. With the Custom Reader, you can connect up to two supported devices to the serial ports and switch between them by using the keypad. The power jack accepts 9 to 12 volts dc and has a positive center pin and can be powered with the supplied wall wart or connected to your 12 volt DC shack power distribution system. There is a 16 button keypad on the top of the unit on the left side and the speaker grill is on the right. The dimensions are 5.3" x 4.0" x 1.5" plus about 3/8" of additional height for the keypad


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