Update: Support for the Array Solutions Power Master 2 meter is now available!

What is the MeterReader?

Thanks to the incredible and generous support from the guys at Array Solutions, we now have fantastic support for this highly accurate meter. The engineers at Array Solutions graciously worked with us to allow a great deal of integration so that we can use the meter much in the same way as a sighted operator. Configuration of the meter is performed with the meter itself and the HamPod reads the screens as you configure it to your needs. Couple that with the added features the HamPod brings and you have the ultimate accessible SWR/Power meter available!If you are not familiar with the Power Master 2, you owe it to yourself to check the Power Master 2 out at the Array Solutions web site. Please download the manual from the link below to read about the Power Master 2 and the support the HamPod brings to this meter.


Update: Support for the Elecraft W2 meter is now available.

Most beneficial to those who own a K3/KX3 transceiver, and especially those that already own a W2, is that we now have support for the Elecraft W2 HF/VHF/UHF Dual Coupler SWR / Wattmeter. This is nice because one HamPod can switch between both of those devices. Of course a K3 or KX3 transceiver is not required if you want support for just the Elecraft W2 meter and some other supported device on your HamPod. Please download the manual from the link below to read about the W2 meter and the support the HamPod brings to this meter.

Currently under development is to add speech for another high quality meter from another well known manufacturer. This will result in a high quality, precision meter at a reasonable cost and might be possible to complete in a relatively short period of time. Please check back for development of these products at a later date. Thank you for your patience.


HamPod PM2 MeterReader Manual (9k ZIP file 06/25/2015)

HamPod W2 MeterReader Manual (9k ZIP file 03/29/2014)
W2 MeterReader Firmware v1.01 (71k ZIP file 07/15/2015)


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