The SteppIReader is now available for the SDA-100 controller!
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SteppIReader review at Active-Elements


What is the SteppIReader?

With the SteppIReader, you now have the ability to "read" every screen of the original and new SDA-100 SteppIR Controllers! You also have the ability to enter into the setup mode and use all of those functions including test motors, transceiver setup, retract and calibrate elements and even fully operate the create, modify menu. It also allows you to know if the antenna is in normal, 180 , or bi-directional modes. In addition, you will also know when the elements are moving because the flashing asterisk symbol on the LCD and "Tune" LED on the SDA-100 has been replaced with a beep tone. With the push of a key on the wired remote keypad/speaker, you can request a read of the entire LCD display or just the top or bottom line of the display. Even better, the SteppIReader will automatically announce the relevant portions of the display as you normally operate the SteppIR controller. As with all models in the HamPod series, you have wide control over the speech parameters.

Image of HamPod SteppIReader Keypad/Speaker

HamPod SteppIReader Keypad/Speaker

Image of SteppIR Controller rear view

Image of SteppIR SDA-100 Controller rear view

Rear view of modified SteppIR Controllers showing new 8 pin Mini-Din jack

HamPod SteppIReader Hardware Description

The SteppIReader is different from the standard HamPod in that the majority of the electronics are installed into the SteppIR controller itself. The controller is slightly modified to fit an additional 8 pin Mini-Din connector on the rear panel. This jack is used to connect the keypad/speaker unit by way of a six foot cable. This allows the controller to sit up on a shelf and the wired remote keypad/speaker to sit comfortably on the desk if desired. The dimensions of the keypad /speaker pod are 4.5" x 3.3" x 1.25" and consists of a speaker and four push button switches. Power is obtained directly from within the SteppIR controller so no external power supply is required. The firmware is upgradable in the field through the Mini-Din jack on the rear of the controller by connecting to a computer to flash the firmware if an upgrade becomes available. Also note that because the majority of the HamPod circuit is installed into the SteppIR controller, this version of the HamPod cannot operate a second device and will only work with the SteppIR line of antenna controllers.



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