Below are unsolicited responses and statements from HamPod users.

Even at this early stage of getting to grips with the k3s, I can tell you I'm absolutely blown away by the HamPod's capabilities. it's an amazing piece of kit, providing spoken access to vertually all of the functions of the K3s. As I become more proficient in using both the rig and HamPod, I will doubtless discover more of what it can do, but I'm delighted with it thus far.
Tim Crawford GI4OPH


My life just got a whole lot better.
Lou Kolb WA3MIX


I have had a good play with the HamPod during the last few days. It is certainly a good piece of work and a useful tooll.
David W Wood G3YXX


Love my HamPod
The HamPod has been working great.  It really has given me a new lease on hamming. 
John Valus WS0G


Well, all of that has now changed. I received my first HamPod in today's mail, and after about 15 minutes, have it up and running. While I am still familiarizing myself with all of the keys and capabilities, I can report that reading the PMII is far easier than having to use my computer to read the PMII's display. Rob has done a terrific job, and I highly recommend the combination of PMII and the HamPod. I am so pleased with how easy it is to read my PMII with the HamPod, I can't wait to get my SteppIr control box back from Rob with its keypad so that I will be able to read all of the data and menus for the first time.
Alan N7MIT


I just received my SDA100 controller back with Rob's speech system installed in it. I won't go into details here as they are not particularly relevant to an expression of appreciation. Suffice it to say that Rob has made it possible for blind hams to gain real access to various pieces of equipment, including the K3, Power Master II, SteppIr controller, and a variety of rotor boxes. This is a huge jump forward for us, and it is available at what I consider to be a bargain price. Afterall, what is access to equipment worth. Great job Rob!
Alan N7MIT


I couldn't agree with you more! I've had my SteppIr for just over two years and the speech unit from Rob for a little over a year and it is great. As I have stated before, the SteppIR is usable without speech, but it's a whole lot easier and better with it. There is no way to put a price on independence. For years and years we just made do with things, using the ones we could and ignoring the ones we couldn't. Products like this put us on an equal footing with our sighted peers and allow us to take advantage of the same products they are using and enjoying. People like Rob make this possible for which I say thank you very much.
Kris Hickerson WB9SLM


I just purchased the HamPod from Rob. I am very pleased with its performance and it sure makes the KX3 much easier to use! Good Job Rob!
Bob, K8LR


I really love my hampod. It just works! I was sceptical about the menus until I needed to change some settings one day, and it was bang on! Every blind ham with a K3 or KX3 should have one!
David Rosenfeld, VE3BAK


Thank you so much for the very best piece of adaptive equipment that I think anyone has ever manufactured!
Gerry Leary, WB6IVF


Things are going well with the HamPod.  I wanted to thank you for putting this product together.  It does make life for a blind guy a lot easier when working on the KX 3. 
John V, WS0G


The K3 and HamPod purchase is the best money I have spent on the hobby.  HamPod has given me access to aspects of the Transceiver I have never had before.  Exploring the Configuration and Main menues have been most fascinating and have been a source of learning and improved technical knowledge.


Thanks for all your hard work and providing an extremely helpful product!
Danny Hampton, K4ITL


thanks to rob for the great job on the pod. my orion works great thanks to the pod. all blind hams need one. it makes life easyer.
John Patterson, KC4FL





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