Support for the Alfa Spid Azimuth Serial rotor controller is now available!
Support for the ProSisTel ("PST") Series D and D-Pro rotor controllers are also available!

What is the RotorReader?

Currently we support Green Heron, Any rotator when equipped with the ERC4 or ERC-M controllers, Hy-Gain controllers when equipped with the Rotor-EZ interface from Idiom Press, M2 Orion controller, Prosistel Series D and D Pro controllers, and the AlfaSpid Azimuth serial controller. Others are being added as requested. The ERC series support more than 100 different rotators from all major brands and it is possible to control 2 independend rotators connected to 1 ERC-M which only uses 1 of the HamPod ports. As with other equipment connected to the standard HamPod hardware platform, it is possible to support two rotors or a combination of a rotor and another piece of gear such as an Elecraft K3 transceiver or SWR/Wattmeter in addition to the rotor. Some development remains for some of these combinations so inquire with your specific needs.

Some features include:
Direct heading entry
Current heading query
Twelve user programmable heading memories
Audible rotation indication
End of rotation status with automatic final position announcement
User settable "bump" feature and more

The manual is available for download from the link below for complete details, features, and operation for the current HamPod Rotor Reader.



HamPod RotorReader Manual (10k ZIP file 02/02/2016)
RotorReader Firmware v1.12 (74k ZIP file 02/02/2016)


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